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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space will my system take up?

Due to the way the system works, there is no exact answer to this question. When setting up, you can decide how much room to give each pot. We recommend giving each pot as much room as possible, this will mean your plants aren’t fighting for light and access will be much easier for maintenance. You can fit 4 pots within a square metre, though 2 – 3 per square metre is a much more sensible rule of thumb.

How often do I need to change the nutrient solution in my Flood & Drain system?

We recommend that you purge the nutrient tank once a week to remove waste and to give your plants fresh nutrient.

You should also pay attention to the water level in the tank throughout the week, making sure that there is always enough to feed your pots. The water-level will gradually drop, but particularly thirsty plants will accelerate this process.

Do IWS Systems come with any warranty?

In the unlikely event that your system develops a fault, we will repair or replace as necessary within the first 2 years of purchase. Please contact your retailer to arrange or call IWS systems directly for advice.

Warranty is for manufacturing and component faults only, it excludes accidental damage or damage caused by improper use. You should NEVER attempt to repair your system yourself as this will invalidate your warranty and you will endanger yourself.

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