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DWC One Pot Advice

About DWC One Pot

 Deep water culture is a method of growing which leaves your plant’s root submerged in oxygenated nutrient solution.

The pots are connected to a control unit which will drain and refill the pots periodically. The control unit is connected to a reservoir, where the nutrient solution is stored.
The system is controlled by magnetic float-switches which regulate the fill level in each pot, ensuring that the system does not overfill. An air pump supplies oxygen to each pot individually via an air-stone located in the bottom of each pot.

Our 3d movie section goes into detail on system assembly and how each system works.

Here we will try to give you advice on all aspects of using the system, giving you a better chance of success.

Which growing media?

On a deep water culture system, the plant’s root sits in water for the majority of the time. For this reason, clay pebbles are preferred to other mixes as their purpose is not to store moisture; they are only needed to support the plant’s root base.

Planning your grow schedule

Growing in an Oxy-pot couldn’t be simpler. Mix your nutrient solution in a separate container, making sure to PH up or down where necessary. Fill the pot up to around 20-25mm below the bottom of the mesh basket, which is the optimum level for growing. Turn on the air pump and the system is ready for use.

We recommend changing your nutrient solution once a week. As time passes, the EC in your pot will also rise as the salt level increases due to waste. Drain the pot completely by unclipping the pipe from the top of the pot and turning it so it is horizontal, the nutrient solution will then drain away. Replace with fresh nutrient to keep your plants healthy.




The system has an inspection hole in the lid for you to quickly check your roots health and the EC / PH value of your nutrient solution.
Never let your EC run higher the 1.8 and never let your PH run above 7. The more nutrient solution under the net pot the better, as this gives a larger mass of nutrient solution for the root ball to feed from and the oxygen to mix with.

Never turn off the oxygen supply and lift the oxygen pump above the water level of the water. This will stop any water feeding back down the pipes and blowing the pump.